SATE conference

TEA added the SATE conference to its slate of industry events in 2007, to foster dialog in the business community about the methodology of Experience Design. The SATE acronym stands for Story + Architecture + Technology = Experience. SATE also alludes to a collaborative culture of production, in which designers, technologists and clients work closely together from the early stages of a project, in a team structure often more horizontal than hierarchical. The SATE '14 vision

Hashtag: #TEAsate

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SATE '14 will take place in Sarasota, Florida, Oct 2-3. 
Presenting sponsors: Christie and Electrosonic.
SATE co-chairs: Aram Ebben and Stefan Lawrence.

Past SATE conferences took place in:
2013 - Savannah

2012 - Paris
2011 - Orlando