Thursday, June 19, 2014

PHOTOS - TEA at IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo in Beijing

Pictures taken at the TEA booth and the TEA mixer during IAAPA Beijing this week. The mixer was organized by the TEA Asia Pacific Division headed by Chris Yoshii of AECOM and included a formal announcement recapping the 2014 Thea Award recipients. Photos furnished by Ben Shedd (Professor) School of Art, Design and MediaNanyang Technological University, Singapore - and by Martin Palicki of InPark Magazine. Many thanks to Prof. Shedd, who is an acclaimed professional filmmaker, and to InPark, a media outlet that often covers and supports TEA, for sharing these.

L-R: Shenshen Luo, Ben Shedd, Michael Thayer, May Kan. Photo: Geovannic Goh

About 300 people attended the TEA mixer. Photo: Ben Shedd

Photo: Ben Shedd

Photo: Ben Shedd

Photo: Ben Shedd
Chris Yoshii, TEA COO Jennie Nevin and TEA president elect Steve Birket of Birket Engineering. Photo: Martin Palicki
At the TEA booth. Photo: Martin Palicki

Ben Shedd with Chris Yoshii. Photo: Ben Shedd