Friday, August 8, 2014

Clara Rice's Top 11 reasons to attend "OkTEAberfest" in Cincinnati Sept 19-20

OkTEAberfest is organized by the Eastern N.A. Division of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). 

Here are Ten  Eleven reasons to be there:
11. Because “The Queen City of the West” is full of beautiful Italianate buildings, nationally recognized museums, and one of the best park systems in the country.

 10. More #TEAselfies!
Look! It’s Todd McCurdy of Morris Architects visiting Cincinnati!
9. Because this is the host hotel:
A heapin’ spoonful of architectural O.M.G.
8. Because where else will you find Catwoman, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, The Hulk, Doctor Who, Gimli, Young Anna from Frozen, a Power Ranger and The Fonz all in one place?
7. Because, on Oktoberfest Weekend, this is how we do dinner…
More than 56,000 sausages and 20,000 cream puffs will be consumed Oktoberfest weekend, followed by approximately 87 pounds of antacid.
6. …and fashion…
Any TEA member sporting lederhosen or a dirndl wins a free commemorative beer stein – full of real beer!
5. …and live music.
Pack your flugelhorn!
4. And because of this…
Tour guides: Comic Expo style.
3. …and this…
It’s the Running of the Wieners. Seriously.
2. …and absolutely this…
Oh, my! That’s George Takei leading last year’s World’s Largest Chicken Dance! Who will it be this year?

But the #1 reason to attend OkTEAberfest?! 

1. Because it’s the TEA
and you know 
we know how to have fun.
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