Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PGAV's Konzen, Howard & Owen get astronautical at Kennedy Space Center

Emily Howard. Photo: PGAV
Mike Konzen, PGAV
We're proud of how many member companies of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) were involved in creating the exhibits and display environments for the Atlantis Orbiter shuttle at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

They include Delaware North (the client), PGAV Destinations, Electrosonic, The Nassal Co., Mousetrappe, The Bezark Company, Cortina Productions and Design Island.

The shuttle is an artifact - a very large artifact, but still deserving of limited, respectful and cautious handling. So when Mike Konzen ("commander") and Emily Howard ("pilot") of PGAV took a privileged turn in the cockpit, they suited up.

PGAV's Tom Owen wears no protective gear - but his turn in the cockpit was chaperoned by retired astronaut Captain Jon A. McBride. Today, McBride is a big promoter of science education and space exploration as he interacts with the public at KSC Visitors Center.

Mike Konzen. Photo: PGAV

Howard & Konzen. Photo: PGAV

Owen and McBride. Photo: PGAV
Tom Owen (center) with shuttle astronaut Greg Johnson and Jon McBride, at KSC just before the orbiter Discovery was transported to the Smithsonian
The enthusiasm with which PGAV embraces the space program and their work at KSC is visible in these photos. Recently, at the annual conference of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) in Albuquerqe, PGAV's exhibit booth showcased the Atlantis exhibit and capped it with the live presence of Captain McBride himself (final photos, below). McBride demonstrated the three primary reactions that he's observed in people viewing Atlantis for the first time in the new exhibition: Amazement. Joyous applause. Tears.
Captain Jon A. McBride. Photo: Judith Rubin
Captain Jon A. McBride. Photo: Judith Rubin
Captain Jon A. McBride. Photo: Judith Rubin