Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PHOTOS! from TEA's Antarctica event, and Marty Sklar's book event

Sept 4, 2013 TEA event 
Empire of the Penguin, SeaWorld Orlando
These photos were taken by Dan Freedman at the sold-out, TEA Eastern Division behind the scenes event. Many thanks to SeaWorld and to the event sponsors: Many thanks to the event sponsors: Electrosonic; exp; Wow! Works; PCL Construction Leaders; The Nassal Company; Oceaneering Entertainment Systems; PGAV Destinations; SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment; TEA.

See two full collections of photos from this terrific event on TEA's Facebook page - here, and here.

Marty Sklar book event at WDI
On August 29, 2013, at Walt Disney Imagineering, a special TEA event was held celebrating the publication of Disney Legend Marty Sklar's new book, "Dream It! Do It!" Marty took the time to honor TEA executive director Gene Jeffers, who is retiring in 2013 after many years of dedicated service. Each TEA member who attended received a copy of Marty's new book, and proceeds from ticket sales benefited the Ryman Arts Foundation.

See all the photos - on TEA's Facebook page here.

TEA member Joe Fox attended, and shared this report: 
"Marty's book was a great eye-opener for me. I loved that there were new stories, many of which had never been shared before. The stories of the major involvement he had in writing some of the company announcements, particularly the announcement of Walt's passing (written so quickly!) were very special. To me, though, the most compelling was a realization that there are different types of creative people, and it helped me define my goal for where I want to be in the themed entertainment world as I make my transition from my other career. I may never be the super-creative blue-sky visionary; those are not my skills. My creative skills and talents are in bringing those creative ideas to life and delivering on those visions. 

"Marty's explanation of how Imagineering and Disney (and many other successful similar enterprises) have had such success with a balance between the creative (Walt, Marty, Bruce, etc.) and the delivery (Roy, Mickey Steinberg, Craig, etc.) was the real defining moment for me in reading this book and one I will ALWAYS be thankful for. I felt, after reading Marty's book, that I had finally found my path and my goal in the attractions industry.

"The event with Marty was a different kind of special. It was my first time at Imagineering where I actually got to go into the main 1401 building, and to be able to have that experience: to see what the Imagineers are working on, to hear from Marty himself and to have dinner with such a special group of folks (and all for a good cause, too!) -- the only word for it is inspiring. My membership in TEA has been absolutely transformative, and it's all because of the opportunities to meet and learn from the best mentors and experts in the industry -- and to share moments like these" -- J.F.